Re: Is mmap() reliable in 1.3.x?

Tom May (
Wed, 27 Sep 1995 22:25:13 -0700

>I'm working on an improved memory copy routine for the kernel on the
>Pentium (it uses the FPU fildq/fistpq instructions to almost double
>the throughput).

Is that going to mess up the floating point context stuff?

>I've observed, however, that when I use RCS
>(actually CVS, but this uses RCS to do its work) compiled to use mmap
>rather the normal read/write calls, that I occasionally get some data
>corruption at the very beginning or end of a page in the file that RCS

mmap()ed RCS works fine for me with 1.3.20. I use it extensively.
Did it work for you before you made your patch? And can you send me a
copy of your patch?

>Robert Krawitz <>