Problems since 1.3.20

Fabrice Popineau (
Tue, 26 Sep 1995 14:14:38 +0100

Hi folks,

It seems I have two problems, at least with 1.3.27 and 1.3.29 :

- when I start XFree-3.1.2, I can't switch to an ascii VT, the VT
stays in graphic mode; same thing when I quit XFree.

- under XFree, ttyp0 behaves oddly : ^@ characters are inserted
everywhere when an ftp is launched by emacs; I can't type in xterms
because they seem to be in raw mode (spaces show between every single
char, rubout key dosen't work). This behaviour * if and only if* ttyp0
is involved. Other ttyp? are working right.

This is on a P90, 32Mb ram, NCR53C810 SCSI, 3C509 (no CD, no PPP, ...)
gcc-2.7.0, everything in elf.

I can just remember that this was not the case with 1.3.20 .

Anybody can help ?

Thanks in advance,

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