Build failure in 1.3.28

Breakdown (
Mon, 18 Sep 95 23:21:36 CDT

It appears as if some of the "improvement" to the scsi code in 1.3.28 is
"off by one."

Or perhaps *I'm* off by one; Mom always said that. . . .

I get everything built fine, but at ld time, here we go:

> kernel/kernel.o(.data+0x3b10): undefined reference to `scsi_dir'
> kernel/kernel.o(.data+0x3b18): undefined reference to `scsi_hba_dir'

I've hacked around a bit and can't find what I should be doing. It's
probably significant that I'm NOT config-ing the SCSI stuff, but I AM

Looking around at ~/drivers/scsi leads me to think that somehow some
of the scsi definitions needed for the modules configuration aren't getting
propagated back up the tree.

But then what do I know?


Brian Capouch
Saint Joseph's College