ide.c/ide.h version 5.14 and linux 1.3.28

Liam Hudson (
Tue, 19 Sep 1995 09:27:36 GMT

I'm using Linux version 1.3.28 and have noticed a few problems with the new versions
of ide.c/ide.h since about 1.3.24 (ish).

I am using a CMD 640 (buggy) (rev 1) [from /proc/pci].

Does this 'buggy' comment refer to the kernel code or to my controller??

Also with the latest ide.c code, hdparm v2.4 with the options '-c3 -u1 -W1 -m16 -a1' now just
turns on the hard drive light and everything stops.... used to work OK...

Again, is this to do with my CMD640 being 'buggy', if so I'd like to know so I can get
it replaced...



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