Re: loading modules on ELF compiled kernels

Alain Knaff (
Tue, 19 Sep 95 19:16:53 +0200

>I've just compiled the Linux Kernel v1.3.25 with gcc 2.7.0, using for the firs
>time the ELF format.
>Then, when I've tried to load a module (in ELF format : scanner M105, for
>I got the message (without CONFIG_MODVERSIONS) :
> printk undefined symbol
> request_irq undefined symbol
> ...
> ...
> and all the others
>I've got similar messages with CONFIG_MODVERSIONS.
>Then I only recompiled the kernel in AOUT format and loading modules (in ELF a
>AOUT format)
>was successful.
>Is there someone knowing how to turn around this trouble ?

Maybe you have a version of insmod which is too old. In a.out, the symbols
get an underscore tacked in front of them, and in ELF they don't. Old insmod's
are not aware of this fact, and thus aren't able to match the symbols.
A working version is 1.2.8, which can be found at

Hope this helps,