Re: 1.3.25 & X11R6

John Bromback (
Mon, 18 Sep 1995 12:48:02 -0400 (EDT)

On Mon, 18 Sep 1995, Rohan Talip wrote:

> Hello,
> I recently compiled the 1.3.25 kernel, rebooted, ran openwin, quit,
> then ran openwin again and the display hung with a black screen. The
> machine is still running though, I can telnet etc to it, but there are no
> messages in the log files.
> The same thing happended with 1.3.13 or so, but I thought that I had read
> here that this had been fixed (at least the stuff to do with sockets).
> This problem is repeatable if the (Tseng ET4000) XF86_W32 Xserver is run
> as the Xserver in the second openwin (it doesn't happen with the XF86_SVGA
> Xserver!


I have a similar setup and have had the same problem with all 1.3.x
kernels. Openwin starts up and is usable, but switching to any other
virtual console and back causes the screen to go blank.

If it's any help I've found that running startx or xinit works fine (I
can start and stop them or switch VCs without any problems).

I've tried changing some hardware options, such as enabling/disabling
video shadow. I've also found that running xdm and openwin as the
session will let you login, hang for a minute then restart the login
session without blanking the screen (you still don't get openwin, even
the first time in).

The latest kernel I've tried is 1.3.25, compiled w/ GCC 2.7.0. Other
kernels were compiled w/ GCC 2.5.8. I'm using an NPC P5-90, TSENG ET4000
w/ 2mb, and a SAMPO Alphascan 15g monitor. XF86_W32 is XFREE 3.1.1. I've
just downloaded XF86_W32 from XFREE 3.1.2 and have the same problem.

One thing to note: the ET4000 board came from a Gateway 2000 DX100.
I needed to swap the video cards because this PC came with the new
Trident video board for which there was no XFREE driver.

Thanks for your time.

John Bromback (
Fitchburg State College