make for screen (3.6.2) broken...

Justin McKinnerney (
Sun, 17 Sep 1995 19:05:48 -0400

Well, I figured out the problem. When it was checking for tgetent, it
was running a dummy compile that included a file which didn't exsist.

I doubt this happens on all platforms or they probably wouldn't have
posted the source. I didn't have time to debug the exact reason for
this problem, but if you place a "echo > confdefs.h" line in front
of the test eval for tgetent in the configure script, it runs fine.

This info is useful if anyone wants to run screen :)

If you don't know what screen is, it's simply a utility that runs
virtual terminals under a single shell. This is useful if you don't
want to open multiple telnets to a machine. It's also useful because
you can detach from the virtual terminals and reattach to them under
a diffrent shell (say, for instance, I work in NYC and live in NJ -
when I leave my home I detach my screen session from my machine at
home and reattach to it at work. It's like I never left..)

The sources are available at in the /pub/gnu dir.

Thank you for playing spam-your-mailing-list arlines.
Please drive though.

- Justin -