Kernel Oopes 1.3.2457

Fri, 15 Sep 95 20:23:36 EDT

I've been getting kernel Oops with the above kernels whenever I do something to
the effect of catting /dev/fd1 to /dev/tty12, viewing tty12 and then switching
to tty1. Most recently it was quite serious, after it Oopsed twice on the
above problem, it proceeded to Oops on every other VC as soon as I hit enter or
something like that. Only a remote terminal didn't Oops anything it just
locked up. Syslogd didn't get this big mess-up unfortunatly so I don't have an
y of the problems from it. I just know something like this has happened with
24, 25, and 27 just never locking the entire system before. If there is any
other relevent info you need just tell me. (Sorry for having so little.)