Re: .26 oopsy

Ricky Beam (
Fri, 15 Sep 1995 17:33:11 -0400 (EDT)

>Baba Z Buehler <> writes:
>I tried 1.3.27, and still get this oops in get_write_access when starting exmh.
>strace tells me this happens in the middle of exmh trying to open a temp file
>in /tmp
>I notice this is the same place that Ricky Beam posted his oops from, but my
>error doesnt appear to have anything to do with lpd.

As it turns out -- and I think I posted -- it is not lpd per se, but it's
invoking get_write_access -- in.telnetd does this too. The problem as someone
pointed out is that: (*p)->mm can sometimes be null... hence the null * deref.

to fix temporarily:
...linux/fs/namei.c: 130
if(!*p) -> if(!*p || !(*p)->mm)