Re: Mount on harddisc failed with 1.3.25
Wed, 13 Sep 95 12:11:02 +0100

>1. Get a better mount and you'll have better error messages.

I would like to get a better mount but how? The mount version is util-linux-1.10.

>2. Recently, the kernel learned how to recognize more partitions.
> So, if you have a partition that was not recognized before,
> or just some junk on the disk in a partition table that
> the kernel did not look at earlier, then all following
> partitions will have their number increased.
> Look at the boot messages. Is your old /dev/sda9 now /dev/sda10?

The kernel has not recognized any more partitions like under 1.3.18. The numbers have not

changed. The table on this harddisc is and was :

sda1 DOS
sda2 extended
sda5 OS/2 HPFS
sda6 OS/2 HPFS
sda7 OS/2 HPFS
sda8 Linux native
sda9 DOS

> (By the way, if there is some junk, you can remove it using fdisk 3.02.)

But where can I get this version? My fdisk is 2.0a.