Linus Torvalds (
Wed, 13 Sep 1995 13:03:52 +0300

Oh, yeah! _Yet_ another linux version is available, and all good kernel
hackers (and everybody else too, of course) are supposed to flood the
ftp-sites with requests for it.

1.3.26 does "interesting" things to the process handling, but I'm
hopeful that it will be stable despite this. And we're getting closer
and closer to full "clone()" functionality and threads (in fact, the
kernel uses "clone()" to do the intial code duplication in init).

Other 1.3.26 features:

- all the mouse drivers should support SIGIO now (the mac emulator
wants this, it seems).
- the mouse drivers can be compiled as modules.
- various networking updates (icmp rewritten by Alan)
- ide-cd driver correctly initializes slave CD's
- scsi tape update
- generic scsi driver updates
- sound driver (bad) timeout bug fixed
- ext and ext2 filesystems as modules
- some SMP header files added (yes, Alan has it working, but no, the
standard kernel sources hasn't got all his patches yet).
- faster BogoMIPS calculations (yes, it now boots 2 seconds faster than
it used to: we're considering changing the name from "Linux" to

And as usual, I really want to know about any potential problems. Also,
as usual, I don't have time to parse the Oops messages for you, so you
need to do that yourself. I added the "ksymoops" program to the kernel
source tree: you need g++ and the C++ libraries to compile it, but if
you have that you may find it an easier way to parse those pesky oops