problems with slip..

Marc Lehmann (
Tue, 12 Sep 1995 23:05:03 +0200 (MET DST)

Hi.. im using 1.3.25 (and, yes, after 1.3.12 I hardly
had any problems compiling or running 1.3.x, even
on a heavily loaded server... at least no kernel-panics etc..)

Ok. I noticed the following problem when using a slip link with
a serial cable. The link is between my main computer/Liunux 1.3.25
and some other PC, running 1.2.13, speed is 115200bps.

When ping'ing from either side to the other, I normally
have a round-trip-time of 20-30ms, but occasionally
(every 10-30 seconds), ONE packet needs 1020ms. Its always
about one second.
When doing telnet from one side to the other, the same
1-second stops occur when typing.
The link is not used otherwise.

When using a hacked version of isdn4linux, I dont have
these kind of problems (maybe I had them, but they are
at least much more seldom)... Disabling NAGLE didnt change
anything, so I suspect its a bug (?) in slip (?).
I didnt try ppp, though.


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