Still no IDE-CD in 1.3.25 (
Tue, 12 Sep 95 13:47:05 CDT

I know this has been a problem for others. I got emailed a workaround the
other day with the stern caveat, "Just be sure NEVER to switch the CD if
you use this fix." A bit impractical. . . .

I have been unable to boot any kernels since 1.3.22. They all hang at the
point of mounting my CDROM drive, which is an ATAPI Mitsumi hung on the
IDE device.

The bug has to do with the driver attempting to reset the drive after
detecting "Media Changed." It hangs in an infinite loop of detecting the
media changed, timing out on an interrupt, and "Resetting the ATAPI" driver.

I implemented the workaround but then chickened out of using it--I love the
current contents of my filesystem too much to take a chance :-)

Thanks for whomever might be able to provide me with a real fix.

Brian Capouch
Saint Joseph's College