insmod and dummy driver

Andrew Tristan (
Wed, 6 Sep 1995 10:52:51 -0700

-- On Sep 5, 5:56pm, "Marius" wrote:
> Subject: insmod and dummy driver in 1.3.23
> Well, I'm using kernel version 1.3.23, and some version of insmod
> (i'm, about to find the latest version just incase it is the source
> of my problem), and I wanted to load the dummy driver with insmod. I
> type /sbin/insmod -o dummy0 /lib/modules/1.3.23/net/dummy.o
> and my computer replied with a bunch of (main) <some junk> undefined
> does anyone have any input on this problem. I'ld appreciate it.
-- End of excerpt from "Marius" --

Ummm, on my recently compiled 1.2.23, it's more than just the dummy
driver; I don't remember exactly which modules had this problem, but I
think it included msdos.o, sbpcd.o, isofs.o, and lp.o. In most cases,
there was a complaint about bad_user_access_length being undefined.

So, how do you solve this problem?


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