Linus Torvalds (Linus.Torvalds@cs.Helsinki.FI)
Tue, 5 Sep 1995 19:05:23 +0300

Oops. I've been doing these kernel releases all too often, but there
have been these small nagging problems with them. Maybe I got it right
this time..

1.3.24 does:

- fixes a few memory-manager races when it comes to clone(). We're
getting closer..
- "make config" allows you to specify which modules you want to compile
(if any).
- ide.c by mistake had the overly optimistic define that turned on fast
IO access: it doesn't necessarily work for everybody. That's fixed,
and the driver got updated.
- psaux mouse driver race fix (and whitespaces..)
- SCSI tape driver update
- a few networking updates

(oh, and I disabled kernel profiling by default, so those of you who
hadn't noticed it will get back about half a meg of your memory ;-)

It turns out that the new partition checking code seems to have bitten
at least one person: in that case it turned out to be due to a incorrect
partition table that used to work with older kernels. So if you have
parition problems with the newer kernels, please check the partition
info with fdisk and include the information in your report (and if you
notice what's wrong and can fix it yourself, all the better ;-)