Re: Gpm can't see mouse
Tue, 5 Sep 1995 03:33:42 GMT

> On Fri, 1 Sep 1995 wrote:
> > Under MS-DOS my Logitech mouse works as it should. Under 1.2.13,
> > 1.3.14, and 1.3.21 the mouse is invisible to gpm 1.00. Going back to
> > MS-DOS, I watched the mouse on COM1 at 1200 but trying to do the same
> > thing with kermit gave "communications disconnect" as soon as I moved
> > the mouse. I can't find anything unusual with yamm.
> > "Cat /proc/interrupts" shows a busrt of 5 or 10 counts on the serial
> > interrupt count every time the mouse moves or a button is pushed.
> >
> > I've just changed the motherboard to a Pentium with two on-board
> > serial ports configured as COM1 and COM2. The same mouse worked with
> > old motherboard. Ideas??
> >
> > Rick
> I had the same problem.. Try starting gpm with the -t mman switch, if
> your mouse is a Logitech Mouseman. Previously, the logitech mice worked
> with the microsoft switch; don't know why they don't now.
> - Tom Kludy

The good news is -t mman does produce some sort of response to mouse
motion. The bad news is the reaction is chaotic (erratic motion,
unrequested highlighting) but at least there's hope. This mouse
pretty old (pre-egonometric housing design) so I guess it's time for
an upgrade.

Thanks for the info!