Re: Better control of which modules to build

Nicholas J. Leon (
Mon, 4 Sep 1995 17:55:08 -0400 (EDT)

You were heard muttering ....
> With all of the modularized drivers showing up in the kernel sources,
> the 'make modules' step now takes about twice as long on my system as
> the 'make zImage' step. IMHO, it is time to refine the configuration
> process slightly, so that it becomes possible to select which modules
> should be built.

Excellent! I just patched 1.3.22 w/ your diffs and it worked
wonderfully. It even remembers (between make config sessions which
you've tagged as "M" !). Thank you!

> Please: I do NOT intend to re-awaken the never-ending argument of "we
> need a better way of configuring the kernel". This is a simple
> extension of the current configuration process.

I'm working on a PERL script (originally for personal usage, but now
maybe not) that recompletely replaces the current configuration
process. I know that since it uses PERL, it probably is not
appropriate for kernel distributions, but for those who have it
(perl), it'll be a god send [ like remembering configuartion of past
kernel versions and if the option in the same, remembering it ].

> It works for me, but usual disclaimers apply...

Me too!

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