1.3.23 Not finding all partitions

John Hardcastle (johnh@helec.co.nz)
Mon, 4 Sep 1995 10:42:32 +1200

To: linux-kernel@vger.rutgers.edu
To: linux-gcc@vger.rutgers.edu

Hi All!

Sorry if this gets posted twice: I did not understand the Swedish reply to
my first posting...

This may be of interest. I notice others have suspected trouble with
cross-console interaction, intermittently. I first noticed this after I
upgraded my old Yggdrasil to 1.3.9. I used the minimum number of libraries
and a new set of /dev and /usr/include files from the tsx-11 sources to do
the upgrade, and everything seems to work except, intermittently, if I kill
a job as root in one console session it seems to occasionally crash another
console. Particularly the X session. Last night I tried compiling xspread
in one console, xpaint in another with my X window sitting idle. The X
window crashed, when I was watching one of the jobs compile in another console. The message was:

xinit: Interupted system call (errno 4): unsuspected signal 13.

I hope my observations and description of my setup here helps all you gurus to
get a handle on this problem. And hopefully give me suggestions to fix it.

The reason I upgraded was to install Michael Neuffer's DPT SCSI driver, which
I must say works a treat. However for the record my kernel has support for
the AHA1510 and IDE standard drives included and I run the same kernel on two
Linux machines here. I only remember seeing the problem after booting the IDE
drive. It might happen two or three times a day. The machine with the IDE
and the SCSI running off the AHA1510 has an AMD 2/66 and 8M RAM whereas my
other Linux machine with the DPT controller has an Intel 2/66 and 16M RAM. At
the time of the crash last night on the little AMD machine, it would have been
using about 20-30% of the swap space and flogging the IDE drive quite hard.

I am not quite sure what to do with this one.... Any suggestions as to what
I should do? eg upgrade my whole installation with a recent CD; install
Ncurses (whatever that is); try the latest kernel; try deleting things from
my kernel; swap hard drive controllers between machines to eliminate the
hardware; turn on debugging? What? If anyone wants me to run any particular
tests or to try any particular thing to get this one resolved, just ask.

John Hardcastle