re: Re: Linux-1.3.22
Sun, 3 Sep 95 16:39:27 EDT

>Secondly, it's broken. It'd take a lot of probing for me to figure
>out why, but networking just isn't functional (All i'm using is a
>3com 3c5x9 card. No plug-and-play or anything. Just a genaric
>16-bit card. Not rocket science.)

Hmm, I haven't looked yet, but have there been any changes recently in the
3c5xx cards code between 1.3.17 and 1.3.2x? (Last version I had compiled was
1.3.17 which worked fine, and 1.3.22 had some serious problems with

I'm not really sure exactly what I should be looking for, but what I noticed
going wrong wasn't with things like telnet, but with the httpd server we're
running here (ncsa 1.5b3). The server runs fine on 1.3.17, but won't serve
requests when it's running on 1.3.22.

Anyone have any thoughts on what I could look at to help find the problem?

Gary Schrock