Linus Torvalds (
Sun, 3 Sep 1995 16:14:42 +0300

I just made 1.3.23 available, as 1.3.22 had a few problems that made it
more-or-less unusable for some people. I hope 1.3.23 fixes the bootup
panic with the SLIP driver. It should also be better at recognizing
harddisk partitions, but maybe the numbering changed a bit.

If you have problems mounting some of your partitions, could you please
check the bootup messages about the partitioning? It should look
something like this:

Partition check:
hda: xxx
hdb: xxx

and I'd be interested to hear about differences in output between 1.3.23
and earlier kernels..

Other changes
- updates to the ide and ide-cd drivers
- igmp should compile again
- firewall oneliner fix

Keep me posted on the behaviour of this kernel,