Kernel Crash in 1.3.22

Brian Blackmore (
2 Sep 1995 15:48:38 +0100

Kernel 1.3.22, crashed with a kernel NULL pointer dereference, just after
the SLIP bootup messages occured (and before syslog etc got running) at the
following address.

EIP 0010:0012f2bc

Which maps to

0012f1e8 T dev_open
---> 0012f23c T dev_close <----
0012f2fc T register_netdevice_notifier

My setup is a standard 1.3.22 kernel, with 2 dummy devices (the second one
added by editting Space.c), SLIP, PPP and loopback.

I've dropped back to 1.3.21 and everything is okay again.