Oops with 1.2.13 again...

John (john@sapphire.tcp.co.uk)
Fri, 1 Sep 1995 23:56:18 +6100

1.2.13 a stable kernel huh?
4th oops in 10 days... at least it said general protection this time :-|
(not including the 2 crashes where it said nothing in the syslog...)
This always happens in X - and I've seen a few posts on newsgroups about
similar things with 1.3.x kernels and gcc-2.5.8... any help?

(Now waiting for someone to tell me it's an expensive hardware fault...)

kernel: general protection: 0000
kernel: EIP: 0010:001307ac
kernel: EFLAGS: 00010212
kernel: eax: 00000012 ebx: 0034ef38 ecx: 00000005 edx: 00000002
kernel: esi: 0034ef78 edi: 00aa7960 ebp: 00b2c000 esp: 0034ee8c
kernel: ds: 0018 es: 0018 fs: 002b gs: 002b ss: 0018
kernel: Process netscape (pid: 475, process nr: 36, stackpage=0034e000)
kernel: Stack: bfffee7c 00000000 00000012 bfffeecc bfffee8c 00000007 00000000 0034ef18
kernel: 0034eef8 00000005 0011e1c0 00b2c000 00130c04 00000012 0034ef78 0034ef38
kernel: 0034eef8 0034ef98 0034ef58 0034ef18 00b2c000 002e20a0 bfffeeac bfffeeec
kernel: Call Trace: 0011e1c0 00130c04 001349f6 0011c13b 0011c14c 0011071d
kernel: Code: 8b 44 24 34 39 44 24 14 7d 4a f6 c2 01 74 27 8b 4c 24 14 83

>From System.map:

00130758 t _do_select (001307ac:EIP)
0011e198 T _verify_area
00130a88 T _sys_select
0013498c t _unix_proto_ioctl
0011c120 T _sys_gettimeofday (both 0011c13b & 0011c14c)
001106c4 T _system_call

(this bunch of stuff looks a bit similar to the other ones I posted...)

System is (once again):
DX2-50, 12MB real RAM, 25MB swap, 2xIDE drives, Orchid Kelvin 64 2MB.
Runs (deep breath), gcc-2.5.8, libc-4.5.26, 1.2.13 (all a.out), XFree3.1.1
XF86_SVGA, PPP, little NFS (doing sod all)...
X has never broken this many times under other kernels.. :-\