Re: Rlogin problem with PPP

Snow Cat (
Thu, 31 Aug 1995 12:19:43 -0700 (PDT)

Joe Reinhardt once wrote:
> >>>>> "SC" == Snow Cat <> writes:
> SC> I can use PPP normally with exception of rlogin. When I try to
> SC> rlogin from a Linux host to hosts on the other side of PPP
> SC> link, connection has ~50% chance of getting stuck: output from
> SC> rlogin is fine (I can see /etc/motd) but nothing I am typing
> SC> gets to remote host. netstat shows connections with a big send
> SC> queue that don't go away even hours after I kill rlogin
> SC> process. For example:
> I have exactly this same trouble. Telnet works just fine, rsh works
> to run a command, but rsh/rlogin won't work to login.
> SC> I recompiled rlogin and deleted all the references to handling
> SC> out-of-band data and the problem went away - along with rlogin
> SC> ability to progorate window size, of course. This and the fact
> SC> that no other applications have this problem makes me believe
> SC> the problem is handling out-of-band data in new networking
> SC> code.

Actually I just used Emacs to find and delete (or disable) all lines that
mentioned SIGURG. This way rlogin socket may still get OOB data - that is
used in handshaking to determine window size - but it never processes it.

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