Networking in 1.3.21

Justin McKinnerney (
Wed, 30 Aug 1995 10:26:48 -0400 (EDT)

It seems i'm having somthing of a problem with networking using the
1.3.21 kernel. I just recently decided to upgrade from my 1.2.1 kernel
because I was hoping to gain some performance from the PCI enhancments.

This seems to be the case, except for one problem i've been having - when
I telnet to my Linux machine over my local eithernet, it takes about 180
seconds for the machine to realize i'm there. After it gives me the login
prompt, everything runs fine. It's just that inital delay that causes a
bit of a problem with some of my software that has timeouts.

The delay happens on the SMTP port as well - it connects, but then just sits
there for a while before recognizing that i've established a connection with
a service. However, ping gets an immeadiate responce (which makes sense), so
I immagine it's just a problem with the telnet daemon passing the connection
to the service in question?

If anyone knows anything about this, i'd appriciate anything I can learn. If
this is a known problem that isn't solvable for this version of the kernel
(or, at least, not without hacking it, which unfortunately I haven't much
time for ;), please refer me to a kernel version that is more fully
operational (if any of the 1.3 versions don't have this problem...).