Linus Torvalds (
Mon, 28 Aug 1995 16:21:10 +0300

Hi everybody,
I'm back from the US, and (as expected) found a lot of mail in my
mailbox. I've tried to find all the important patches, and have
integrated them into linux-1.3.21. But if you have sent me a patch and
it hasn't shown up, it may well be that I have simply lost it in the

Anyway, 1.3.21 does the following:
- slightly better make-rules: it should make corretly even if you have
forgotten to do a "make clean" after changing the kernel configuration.
- "msync()" system call, and better shared memory handling.
- updated and fixed ide driver, the new one also is able to handle the
Triton chipset bus master ide features.
- optcd driver update
- the lp driver de-registers the ports it used when unloaded as a
- /proc/scsi doesn't blow up any more (it doesn't work, but it doesn't
hurt anything else, at least).
- updated ksmbfs filesystem: this one should be faster for large
read/write operations.
- updated networking code.. Some ipv6 defines, but no ipv6
functionality yet.
- fixed arp that didn't work for some addresses.

Please do check this out: I hope the 1.3.x series is starting to
stabilize now. And keep the comments coming,