module accessing remap_rage_range

Bob Felderman (
Tue, 22 Aug 95 11:31:25 PDT

I have a module that is providing mmap() service. I need to call
remap_page_range [defined in mm/memory.c].
The loader (insmod) doesn't seem to find the function.

I have lots of other kernel functions that I reference, but only
this one doesn't work?

pandora:# uname -a
Linux pandora 1.2.11 #2 Tue Aug 22 10:43:43 PDT 1995 i586

I'm running under 1.2.11 and compiling under 1.2.11
and using the modules package (modules-1.1.87).

pandora:# insmod myrinet
_remap_page_range undefined

This makes no sense because I see that it is in
and that mm/memory.c is getting compiled.

pandora 56% pwd
pandora 57% grep remap
0011f0d0 T _remap_page_range
pandora 58%
pandora 58% strings - mm/memory.o | grep remap
pandora 59% strings - vmlinux | grep remap

Any help would be appreciated.
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