Re: Cross-VT corruption

Ryan Smith-Roberts (
Mon, 21 Aug 1995 15:44:41 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 21 Aug 1995, Zygo Blaxell wrote:

> > I am beginning to detect X as a pattern here. For two days and sixteen
> > hours (good uptime, for this house) I've been running the system with no X,
> > and no corruption.
> I've noticed X doing various degrees of corruption of text mode screens
> for the past two years (by gosh, I've been running Linux that long?)
> that I've run Linux. I always assumed it was a natural consequence of
> doing highly dangerous, race-condition-prone direct video hardware
> manipulations from user mode...

The fabulous thing about having access to the sourcecode is that you
don't have to accept the consequences of your actions.

Does this text-mode corruption ever, for you, lead to crashing? I wish I
could keep my machine up enough to be able to make that distinction, but
the power went down once yesterday and again this morning. I did manage
three days and sixteen hours without crash or corruption, though.

I need a UPS.

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