Booting Linux 1.3.20

Michael Riedl (
Mon, 21 Aug 95 12:01:18 MESZ

Hi there!

Thanks for your help! Using that patch, I now have an elf supporting kernel
1.3.20 made as an elf binary. But when I tried to boot this new kernel with
lilo it doesn't get too far: After switching to a text screen with smaller
characters, I can't read any message, because many lines like:

12345678 87654321 12abcdef 54536212 65937812 65fde431 78abc8ed 123fd5ba

are displayed, so the screen scrolls fast. To switch back to my old kernel
1.2.00 I pressed my reset button, and at the lilo prompt I chose my
small emergency linux partition. But surprise :-( theres exactly the same
problem. How can this happen? I didn't change anything with my emergency

Do I need a special lilo to boot kernels made as elf, but why is an old
non-elf kernel at another partition affected by my new kernel?

Thanks for any hint!


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