Re: Bizare 1.3 problem...

Wolfgang Jung (
Sat, 19 Aug 1995 12:52:44 +0200 (MET DST)

#On Thu, 17 Aug 1995, Ronald Prague wrote:
#> I don't know if anyone else is using this list for 1.3.xx, but I've got
#> something pretty bizarre with all the versions of 1.3.xx I've used.
#> setterm: no termcap entry for linux
#> This only happens when I boot from my 1.3 kernels, as I have my old 1.2.9
#> kernel still there. in the 1.2 kernels, I get color, from the text
#> prompt, but not so with any 1.3 kernel. Any ideas?
#I think from 1.3.xx on (feel free to correct me) getty sets the term type
#to "linux" instead "console" type. You'll need a new termcap entry for
#it. Minus well install Ncurses 1.9.4 while you're at it, too. ;)

Hmm running a good login program (ie The shadow Version) which uses
/etc/ttytab makes this trouble to leave into smoke. This makes work
easy in defining a specific terminaltype to a serial line (iE one of
my 6 ttyS* lines is hooked to a VT330 compatible Terminal. the other
one is hooked to an atari ST running a vt220 compatible program.
Since I use ttytab to map tty->ttytype I donot expect this trouble,
since tty[1-8] are mapped to console :-)
Maybe you should change to shadow too :-)