Re: Cross-VT corruption

Jonathan Hankins (
Fri, 18 Aug 1995 09:39:05 -0500 (CDT)

On Thu, 17 Aug 1995, Ryan Smith-Roberts wrote:

> > > I'm getting cross-VT corruption, where the text on one VT appears on
> > > another (which is never active, and it doesn't happen to that VT after I
> > > switch back to it, for a while).
> >
> > Interesting.. Ugh. This is a new one. Are you sure your hardware is
> > stable?
> No. Roundabout 1.2 the kernel got pushy enough that my machine goes down
> after a few days of uptime no matter what (four days is my record), so
> I've kind of resigned myself to the fun. The corruption started around
> the VT scrollback rewrite.

I've had erratic littering of my VCs for some time too. Its always on a
VC with no getty,
etc running on it. Often, (actually, maybe always, I am not sure) it
happens while X is running, or after exiting from X...I often have a copy
of the initialization messages that X prints when it starts up left on
the VC thet X controlled (ie, getty's on VC1-6, X on 7..exit X, Alt-F7
shows the hardware probing messages from X, etc.) Also, I have gotten a
few lines of register dump when X crashed (unrelated problem--bad
configuration on my part) left on the VC it was running on. I also have
experienced the aforementioned random colors as well as text from
whatever sprayed all over VCs...but never one with a getty running on it.
<shrug> I'll keep my eyes open for any sort of pattern to it. Does anyone
else have this problem who DOESN'T run X at all? I can't be sure if I was
using X in all these instances or not. Seems it happened pack towards
1.2.1, but 1.1.45 and 1.1.72 were so long ago I don't remember.
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