Re: Linux-1.3.19

Tony Nugent (
Fri, 18 Aug 1995 15:38:10 +1000

> > Anything else that has problems with this kernel?
> I'm getting cross-VT corruption, where the text on one VT appears on
> another (which is never active, and it doesn't happen to that VT after I
> switch back to it, for a while). This corruption can be from a couple
> lines of obvious garbage (random characters of random colors) to text from
> other VTs (even VTs that aren't currently scrolling, but just sitting
> there with for example a login prompt) to entire screenfuls of output
> from another VT with a kernel compile going on in it.
> This isn't a common occurrence, but it's certainly not rare, either. And
> apparently totally random.

I was getting this on some occasions with 1.2.3 and (more rarely)
1.3.10, and it usually meant impending doom :)

386/7dx33 8Mb ram, 1Mb trident 8900c, linux on /dev/hdb1 in 200
Mb (less 16Mb swap), no ELF, ppp networking and SB Pro support,
gcc 2.6.3.

(Yeah I know, lame system, but I can't afford an upgrade at the
moment :-( But linux still runs just great! :-)

BTW, I coudn't get 1.3.19 to boot once I compiled it. (Using lilo
from a boot floppy and I _did_ have things set up right; I can
still load my other kernels ok). I'm compiling 1.3.20 now
(ZZzzz... :)