1.3.20 Ouch, what a slow dog...

alex (alex@bach.cis.temple.edu)
Thu, 17 Aug 1995 14:05:08 -0400 (EDT)

Sorry Linus,
but I though that somehow I booted Solaris on a system with
16 Mb of RAM... The slowdown comparing with 1.2.8 was around 500%... It
took 3 minutes for Xdm to launch fvwm, 2 xterms, Xclock, Xeyes and
Xmailbox comparing with about 24 seconds under 1.2.8... Also, all
programs that use connect() call slowed down by factor of 2-5.
The system is i486DX2-66 with 40Mb 70ns RAM, 2x1.2G SCSI HD, 1x
2.4G SCSI HD, 2 SCSI CDROMs, 1 SonyCD hanging of 1542CF. It also has 2
3c509 cards. Kernel was compiled as ELF using GCC 2.7.0 with support of
all those devices + IPIP, IP Forwarding, IP Accounting, IP Firewalling
and IP Firewall logging.
I'm back to 1.2.8

Best wishes,

Alexander O. Yuriev Email: alex@bach.cis.temple.edu
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Philadelphia, PA, USA

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