Re: Cross-VT corruption

Ryan Smith-Roberts (
Thu, 17 Aug 1995 01:48:57 -0700 (PDT)

On Thu, 17 Aug 1995, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> > Also note that, with me and as I remember with everyone else, the bug is
> > not a freeze bug, it is a reboot bug.
> It rebooted for some, froze for some, it seems. Anyway, please test
> 1.3.20: I'm reasonably sure it's fixed.

Do you have any idea why the machine would reboot? I haven't seen any
reboot() functions affixed to randomized timers to parallel Windows'
eat_memory() and corrupt_programs() system calls.

> > I'm getting cross-VT corruption, where the text on one VT appears on
> > another (which is never active, and it doesn't happen to that VT after I
> > switch back to it, for a while).
> Interesting.. Ugh. This is a new one. Are you sure your hardware is
> stable?

No. Roundabout 1.2 the kernel got pushy enough that my machine goes down
after a few days of uptime no matter what (four days is my record), so
I've kind of resigned myself to the fun. The corruption started around
the VT scrollback rewrite.

My fabulous hardware is Intel Premiere (Gateway) P60, about a year old, a
Cirrus Logic GD-5434 PCI video card, and I even pulled out the old mono
card to make sure that wasn't it. (Interestingly enough, I don't
think the onboard-IDE buffer bug affects me)

I will spend some time with X not running to make sure that it isn't
linked to that.

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