Re: Strace reboot problem

Linus Torvalds (Linus.Torvalds@cs.Helsinki.FI)
Tue, 15 Aug 1995 21:38:16 +0300

Joerg Pommnitz: "Strace reboot problem" (Aug 15, 12:12):
> I just read Linus' reply to Thomas Koenigs reboot problem in c.o.l.d.s.
> There he seems to refer to my report about "strace touch xx" rebooting my
> system. As he can't reproduce it and it happened to me yesterday with 1.3.18
> I'll provide some more information about my system:
> ASUS SP3G with i486DX2/66, on board NCR53c810 (SCSI devices attached:
> Quantum Maverick 540MB and Toshiba CD-ROM), Aztech Sound Galaxy.
> As mentioned in my previous report, the kernel is ELF compiled with
> gcc-2.7.0 -O6 -fexpensive-optimizations.

Ahh. No pentium. So it's not the pentium 4MB page table stuff. Or do
you get a line like

4MB Pages : yes

in your /proc/cpuinfo? (it's supposedly a Pentium feature, but I
wouldn't be surprised if the newer-mask 486's did it too: they have
other "Pentium" features as well).

Whatever the result, gcc-2.7.0 seems to be constant in these reports.
Or maybe it's just that almost everybody but me has upgraded to a newer
compiler? I'd still like to hear if the problem happens with a
non-2.7.0-compiled kernel..