Re: strange definitions of SA_* flags

Ben Wing (
Mon, 14 Aug 1995 18:50:02 GMT

Michael H. Price, II writes:
> > Date: Mon, 14 Aug 1995 03:53:34 GMT
> > From: Ben Wing <>
> > Sender:
> >
> > I have never seen SA_ONESHOT or SA_NOMASK on any other systems. Where
> > did these come from? Both SunOS and SVR4 have a SA_RESETHAND that is
> > equivalent to SA_ONESHOT, and SVR4 has a SA_NODEFER that is equivalent to
> Apparently you aren't familiar with any version of BSD Unix. I believe
> these relate directly to signal changes around version 4.2 and 4.3.

Before making this comment, I looked at SunOS 4.x (based on 4.3, I
think) and FreeBSD 2.05, based on 4.4. Nowhere do these
Linux-specific flags occur. W.R. Stevens, in his discussions on
signals in BSD, does not mention these either.

Can you give me any actual evidence of these flags occurring in any
BSD variant?