Linux, Appletalk, and netatalk

Jason Duerstock (
Thu, 10 Aug 1995 15:22:43 -0400

Something screwy is going on:

I have two machines running netatalk 1.3.3b2.

Machine #1:
P-60 running linux 1.3.17 with HP PC-LAN+ NIC

Machine #2:
P-90 running linux 1.3.17 with a SMC Etherpower NIC (DEC 21040)

After running atalkd, machine #1 shows a atalkd.conf file of:
eth0 -phase 2 -net 20633 -addr 20633.2 -zone "K_B6_ST3"

machine #2's atalkd.conf reads:
eth0 -phase 2 -net 0-65534 -addr 65280.93

Both machines are attached to the same network segment which is attached
to a Cisco router.

I'm not sure what's not working right here, but afpd runs perfectly when
connecting to the P-60, and nothing shows up at all when I try running it
on the P-90.

Any comments or suggestions at things to look at?

Jason Duerstock