Re: Linux 1.3.xx

Kai Henningsen (
10 Aug 1995 14:56:00 +0200 (lilo) wrote on 09.08.95 in <>:

> had this discussion :)....add an alias to `console' in your /etc/termcap
> for the name `linux' and that should take care of it. You can also set TERM
> to console in your /etc/profile or do it manually in a shell session, as a
> quick kluge to get you going....

... and for new stuff, compile it with ncurses to use terminfo, which
already carries a functional definition for "linux". I'm slowly upgrading
all my old binaries.

By the way, were the color definitions changed? I noticed that the "ls"
colors changed slightly on my system. I didn't make sure that the original
kernel really got me the same terminal definition, however ...

MfG Kai