Non-working BACKSPACE at login prompt

Karl Keyte (
Mon, 7 Aug 1995 10:55:43 --100

I've traced the malfunctioning backspace key to the ICANON mode
of the tty at the login prompt. This was introduced in the patch
to tty_ioctl.c in patch 1.3.10. I don't know why the behaviour
has been changed, so I can't offer another patch to correct it.

I'm using getty_ps. If I explicitly do a 'stty icanon </dev/ttyxx'
for the offending tty then the backspace key starts working
correctly. If I try to put the option directly in the gettydefs
file, it is silently ignored for some reason.

Can anyone think either why the behaviour was changed for 1.3.10
or how I can get it working without having to do a batch of 'stty'
calls in rc.local or something similiar?