ext2 filesystesm becoming corrupt

Andrew Turnquist (aturn@roch0.eznet.net)
Wed, 2 Aug 1995 14:40:22 -0400 (EDT)

Any ideas what's causing this? Or is is a bug in the ext2 code?

Our news server, which has near constant disk activity, was up for a
little over 2 days when we started getting the following errors in the
kernel messages file:

Aug 2 11:00:41 roch3 kernel: EXT2-fs error (device 8/33):
ext2_check_blocks_bitmap: Wrong free blocks count in superblock,
stored = 380041, counted = 380061
Aug 2 11:00:41 roch3 kernel: EXT2-fs error (device 8/33):
ext2_check_inodes_bitmap: Wrong free inodes count in group 14,
stored = 0, counted = 1

These errors repeat numerous times until we reboot (we had more than a
screenful of them for 11:00:41 alone). The also exist for device 8/17.

It seems that while running, our spool disks are becoming corrupt. INN
then complains that the disk is full, even with df shown only 65% usage,
and we have to reboot and fsck.

We've had this happen on two different news machines. Our old machine
had an PCI AHA-2940 with a Seagate 4G Barracuda. Our new machine has a
VL AHA-2842A with 3 Seagate 1G Hawks (2 for /var/spool/news). Both have
64M of core memory. We're currently running a 1.3.12 a.out kernel, but
have had similar problems with a 1.2.6 ELF patched for the 2940.

So, what's going on and how can we fix it?


Andrew Turnquist, System Administrator, E-Znet, Rochester, NY
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