Re: PCI - memory access problems..

Drew Eckhardt (
Wed, 02 Aug 1995 01:35:14 -0600

In message <>, perex@pf. writes:
>Hi net!
> I'm working on the net driver for PCI card (HP J2585A) and I want
>use memory mapped access. Memory mapped access work well with ISA version
>of this net adapter, but I cann't access memory area shared with PCI bus
>(by me is it range 0xfbffe000-0xfbffffff) due to general protection.
> Have anyone experience with this problem?


>Have I do something with memory mapping?

Yes. You can either reprogram the PCI config registers to map it someplace
you can see it (< top of physical RAM) or allocate some memory and use
remap_page_range (note that this does not work until after the
memory management facilities have been initialized, which happens after
statically linked device driver initialization).