kernel panic skpush:under: on 1.3.13

Michael Brennen (
Tue, 1 Aug 1995 02:33:25 -0500 (CDT)

This is my first kernel panic ever (~seven months), so I am going to have
to find how to look into this. Here are the details:

Kernel panic :skpush:under: 002131d8:14
in swapper task - not syncing

The machine is a 486/66, 16meg (32meg swap), VLB 2842 SCSI, SMC Ultra; net
connection is pppd. Two pppd connections were active at the time, but
the machine was not loaded.

I've probably left out something crucial, but this is what came up. TIA
for any help in research / fixes / avoidance procedures.

Michael Brennen
FishNet, Inc.