Failing FS modules (minix, sysv), SCSI tape module.

Jeff Uphoff (
30 Jul 1995 18:58:54 GMT

Seems these two need strnlen() defined ("exported") in kernel/ksyms.c to
be workable modules, as well as other diddling to use them with
"versions." Any problems with this? (I don't use versions, so I didn't
pursue the additional work that would require; I just added X(strnlen)
to ksyms.c.)

Also, the SCSI tape module (st) goes crazy when used as a module; it
gives "Oops" messages (or hard lockups) when loaded via 'kerneld'
(personally-hacked 1.3.x versions) and won't unload whether or not
'kerneld' is used for the loading. Its usage count (according to
'modstat') goes negative and decreases (becomes more negative) with each
tape access--the count is never 0 after tape use, so you're stuck with
the module until reboot.

The Minix/SYSV FS strnlen() problem started in the early 1.3.x tree
(1.3.3+ ?), and I've had the st problems with 1.3.6 and 1.3.13. I've
not tried in-between versions (just .3, .6, and .13, and I've not tried
.3 with st as a module).


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