Troubles with Seyon since 1.3.11

Alberto Vignani (
Fri, 28 Jul 1995 12:13:02 +0200


Since 1.3.11 Seyon has a strange behaviour on both my systems.

First, when I dial a number, the dialer process exits without sending
anything to the modem, BUT Seyon reports that the connection has been
established; at this point, I have to enter manually the dial string
to make the connection.
Since then, all goes on regularly until I disconnect and press the 'hangup'
button; then the program exits instead of returning to the main menu.

So why I post here?
Because these changes seem to depend on the scheduler patches of 1.3.11.
1.3.10 behaves normally, as the 1.2.x series; just replacing the kernel
make the problem (dis)appear. It does NOT depend on ELF/libraries/modem..
I checked them all, only the kernel makes a difference.

Looking at the Seyon sources, it seems to me that:
a process (DialNumber() in SeDial.c) is forked, which sets up the modem
and then dies somewhere before sending the dial string. It nevertheless
seems to send the SIGCHLD signal and wake up DialHandler().
It happens that the return code of the child is 0, so DialHandler()
assumes the connection has been made and continues.

I can't go into more detail here, just want to send a SIGALRM to someone
which knows better the kernel/Seyon sources to get help/advice on how to
find the culprit.

Thank you

Alberto Vignani

PLEASE reply to the list or to <>. Thanks.