Linus Torvalds (
Thu, 27 Jul 1995 10:30:14 +0300

I made 1.3.13 available on the normal sites. This release

- fixes a few silly axp compilation problems (you still need the
axp-specific diffs for 1.3.10 for a full axp kernel)
- unaligned faults on axp send SIGBUS, not SIGSEGV
- ps/2 mouse driver updated to not sleep during initialization.
- ppp shouldn't crash any more if the line is lost at a bad time.
- /proc/scsi updates and eata_dma.c driver updates.
- hpfs memory leak fixed (lost one page for every unsuccessful
directory lookup)
- getitimer() fixed (if you got several SIGALRM's from one alarm()
call, this was due to the broken getitimer in 1.3.11-12)
- limit the number of times we print out "idle task may not sleep", so
that if some driver is broken we won't fill up all the logs..

The ppp bugfix will have to go into the 1.2.x tree as well, so I guess
I'll make a 1.2.13 some day. I suspect I'll wait a week or so for other
bugreports to accumulate (or not accumulate, if everything goes well ;-)

Thanks to all the people that have tested the new kernels out and
reported problems. Please do test this one too..