Re: Kernel OOPS with 1.2.11

David C. Niemi (
Wed, 26 Jul 1995 21:12:23 -0400 (EDT)

On Tue, 25 Jul 1995, Chris Woods wrote:
[Someone was complaining about crashes under heavy network load]
> I can speak for the SMC Ultra. We use them under intensive network load,
> and have very nice uptimes (>50 days on one machine, >25 on all the
> others). We do not use any multiport serial devices however, so I do not
> know if some weird interaction is going on between the Boca and the NE2k,
> although from the trace you supplied here, it looked very
> network-specific.
> Never a crash with the SMC Ultra, several with NE2000 clones before we
> switched to the SMC.

I only have one machine I can really leave up, but it has a really cheap
($29) NE2000 clone and has had uptimes of >30 days using it every day as
my primary workstation (reboots caused mostly by power outages, but once
or twice unpleasant NFS hangs when servers went away without notice). I
used NFS client very heavily, lots of X and FTP client and server, milder
use of NFS server. This has been stable since 1.2.6 or so when the
longstanding NE2000 problems were resolved, and I'm now on 1.3.10 + some
misc patches and an uptime of 9 days.

So it is quite possible to have long uptimes on NE2000s, at least with
newer kernels.

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