mixing scsi-1 & scsi-2 devices

J. Alan Eldridge (alane@wozzle.york.cuny.edu)
Thu, 27 Jul 1995 00:30:12 -0400 (EDT)

My system has included (up til this test) a SCSI-2 disk (Quantum PDS-1050), a
SCSI-1 tape drive (Archive Viper 60 - yeah I know it's old) and a SCSI-2 CDROM
(Chinon CDS-535), all driven by an Adaptec 2842 (VLB) host adapter.

I experienced numerous problems with SCSI timeouts on the CD when the HD was
also active, these causing SCSI bus resets that made the kernel rather
unhappy... still running, but unhappy.

A co-worker suggested that I remove the SCSI-1 device (the tape) and stress
test it.... I have had no problems since then, and I stressed it out really

Anybody else out there (hello, scsi driver folks) have any ideas about mixing
scsi-1 and scsi-2 devices on the same host adapter, and should it work, or
should I just be really careful until I can get a new tape drive?

FWIW this is kernel 1.2.9 on an all-ELF system (kernel itself is the
only a.out binary).

Alan Eldridge (alane@wozzle.york.cuny.edu, also alane@libnet.com)