Problem with multitasking within VCs...

Raymond W. Lucke IV (
Wed, 26 Jul 1995 22:31:53 -0700 (PDT)

While compiling in one VC, I switched over to another, and noticed a
problem that I thaught was fixed. The problem is that a bunch of
garbage fills about 5 or so lines of another VC. This is an example minus
the 'pretty' colors:

------------------------------[ CUT ]--------------------------------------
seuRcie:fo od.yevrecm(ot[0.4.7.] yfitcbres.o 861/..)wt ST dQA85 o
dt@ln.yevrecm;Sn 3Jl19 61:6-70Rcie:fo grrteseu(grrteseu[2..9.] yhnocbres.o
861/..0 ihEMPi A147fr<aafitcbres.o> u,2 u 951:85 00 eevd fo aodm@oahs)b
grrteseu(..2861)i A200frlnxkre-ugig u,2 u 951:42 00 rm
akoHvti<akoHvtiwwf>MsaeI:<957349RA50@rsewwf>Sbet e ecmrs-131
------------------------------[ CUT ]--------------------------------------

But all those characters look even more strange with the color. I cannot
really describe much more, just that when something in one VC is under
load, it tends to affect other VCs.

Raymond W. Lucke IV
Operator of Flint Online