Kernel Configuration Debate

The Quark (
Wed, 26 Jul 1995 11:03:21 -0400 (EDT)

I'm only jits now getting into kernel hacking, but I do have a suggestion
I'd like to throw in to the config debate. Speaking personally, I'd
*love* to see a non-linear configuration process; ie: I can change my
network settings without going through the settings for SCSI drives,
and I can change anything without re-configuring my sound card. I was
thinking of menus of some sort to chose the major area you wish to
work on (with, perhaps, a "linear" mode available for the initial
kernel install).

Also, as something else I'd wish for - I think it would be really neat
if, in the devices sections, there weren't arbitrary devices in the
kernel by default (I'm thinking specifically of the 3COM cards being
default on in the network section).

FWIW, I'm perfectly happy to volunteer for helping the coding effort
on this. I'd do it all by myself, but I don't think I know enough
about the issues that need to be addressed. Speaking personally, I
think a C-based utility makes a lot of sense, because, if you don't
have C, you're not going to get awfully far in installing a kernel.
(I mean, Perl would be _great_, but it's not as widely available, I

-Brett Thomas

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