Re: Strange behaviour with NFS

Craig Metz (
Tue, 25 Jul 1995 08:14:26 -0500

In message <m0saRQM-000KEYC@finlandia.Infodrom.North.DE>, Martin Schulze writes
>I found some strange behaviour according to the nfs filesystem in the
>Whenever the nfs server isn't reachable the process on the client
>machine just hangs around, partially in 'D' status which means
>It's funny! The kernel notices that the nfs-server is unreachable,
>printk's his messages ("tapiola kernel: NFS max timeout reached on
>finlandia") but then? It tries again, several times. Somewhen it
>stops, dunno why.
>BUT: The program just hangs around. You cannot kill it with Ctrl-C. So
> nfs is not usable for machines, where users can access other
> computer's files via modem line (uucp or bbs).
>I don't understand the code in fs/nfs/sock.c good enough to patch it
>myself, so I can only report it to you.
>I would recommend to return some common error code to let user
>programs correctly abort.

RTFM. Especially for nfs mount options.

This behavior is already configurable, and is directly derived from
the way NFS works on most other systems.

But it's easier just to post something to a couple of mailing lists
and/or news than to RTFM. This particular phenomon in the Linux community is
starting to really annoy me. [Sorry to rant]