CLSIZE or OBUFSIZ or whatever in linux-1.2.X?

Steven Lembark (
Sun, 23 Jul 1995 14:23:06 -0700

re-compiling taylor uucp 1.05, editing ./policy.h. there is a parameter
used for the write-size on buffered writes. default is 64. docs note
that good numbers would be OBUFSIZ (BSD) or CLSIZE (SV-PreR4) or 2048 on
STREAMS-based tty's.

egrep "OBUFSIZ|CLSIZE" $(find /usr/include -type f);

gives nada.

question is: what's the largest useful size for output via blocking writes
to a serial port in linux-1.2.X (or any other version, for that matter)?
is it #define-ed in a header file? if so, as what?

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